Support Enforcement

ORS 25.710
Duty of district attorney


Notwithstanding ORS 25.080 (Entity primarily responsible for support enforcement services), the district attorney, except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, shall continue to enforce support enforcement cases until the Department of Justice otherwise directs if:


The case was being enforced by the district attorney on October 1, 1985; and


The case involves any arrearages assigned to the state or any other state.


This section does not apply when the obligor or beneficiary of the support judgment or order is receiving any of the following:


Public assistance; or


Care, support or services under ORS 418.015 (Custody and care of needy children by department). [1985 c.671 §51a; 2003 c.73 §40; 2003 c.572 §12; 2003 c.576 §301]


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