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ORS 25.260
Confidentiality of records

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As used in this section, “Child Support Program” means:


The program described in ORS 180.345 (Child Support Program);


The Administrator of the Division of Child Support of the Department of Justice;


A district attorney; and


The administrator’s or district attorney’s authorized representative.


Unless otherwise authorized by law, child support records, including data contained in the Child Support Program’s automated system, are confidential and may be disclosed or used only as necessary for the administration of the program.


In administering the Child Support Program, the program may:


In accordance with rules adopted under subsection (7) of this section, report abuse as defined in ORS 419B.005 (Definitions) if the abuse is discovered while providing program services.


Extract and receive information from other databases as necessary to carry out the program’s responsibilities under state and federal law.


The Child Support Program may compare and share information with public and private entities as necessary to perform the program’s responsibilities under state and federal law.


The Child Support Program may exchange information with state agencies administering the following programs as necessary for the Child Support Program and the state agencies to perform their responsibilities under state and federal law:


Programs funded under Title IV, XIX or XXI of the Social Security Act; and


The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program under ORS 411.806 (Definitions for ORS 411) to 411.845 (Prosecution).


In addition to any penalty to which an individual may be subject under ORS 25.990 (Penalties), an employee of the Department of Justice, of a district attorney or of the Department of Human Services who discloses or uses the contents of any records in violation of subsection (2) of this section is subject to discipline, up to and including dismissal from employment.


The Department of Justice shall adopt rules consistent with federal regulations governing confidentiality of Child Support Program information. [1989 c.812 §3(1); 1991 c.758 §2; 1995 c.609 §7; 1999 c.80 §72; 2003 c.450 §1; 2005 c.22 §16; 2019 c.291 §8]


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