Support Enforcement

ORS 25.337


If the plan administrator or the employer fails to comply with the requirements described in ORS 25.329 (Actions required after service of medical support notice) or 25.331 (Obligation to withhold), the enforcing agency or obligee may bring a civil action against the plan administrator or employer for medical expenses, the providing party’s share of the premiums, attorney fees and costs.


An employer commits an unlawful employment practice if the employer discharges a providing party, refuses to hire a providing party or in any other manner discriminates, retaliates or takes disciplinary action against a providing party because of the entry of a medical support notice or qualified medical child support order or because of the obligations imposed upon the plan administrator by the order. An employee may bring a civil action under ORS 659A.885 (Civil action) or may file a complaint with the Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries in the manner provided by ORS 659A.820 (Complaints).


A providing party who fails to maintain health care coverage for a child as ordered is liable, from the date of the order, for any medical expenses resulting from the failure to maintain coverage.


The remedies described in this section are not exclusive. Nothing in this section precludes action by the court to enforce a judicial or administrative order requiring health care coverage or payment of medical support by imposition of remedial or punitive sanctions for contempt or otherwise. [2003 c.637 §10; 2007 c.878 §12]


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