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ORS 25.411
When withholding begins

  • payment to Department of Justice or obligee


The withholder shall start withholding not later than the first pay period occurring five days after the date of the order to withhold. However, if on the date the employer receives the order the employer has already calculated the payroll for that pay period and has prepared the paycheck or submitted a deposit for that payroll, the employer shall start withholding no later than the second pay period occurring after the date of the order to withhold.


Within seven business days after the date the obligor receives income, the withholder shall pay amounts withheld to the Department of Justice or to the obligee by deposit into the obligee’s bank account, whichever is specified in the order to withhold. The withholder shall include, with the payment, the obligor’s name and case number and the date upon which the income was withheld.


When payments are made to the Department of Justice, the withholder may combine amounts withheld from different obligors’ incomes in a single payment as long as such payment is accompanied by a list that separately identifies which portion of the payment is attributable to each obligor, the obligor’s name and case number, if any.


As used in this section, “business day” means a day on which the Department of Justice is open for regular business. [Formerly 25.355; 2007 c.356 §4]


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