State Police

ORS 181A.020
State Police Account

  • subaccount
  • uses
  • authority to accept property


There is established in the General Fund of the State Treasury an account to be known as the State Police Account. All moneys received by the Department of State Police shall be paid to the credit of the State Police Account, and such moneys are continuously appropriated to the department for the payment of expenses of the department.


There is established a subaccount in the State Police Account consisting of all moneys, revenue and income described in ORS 463.220 (Deposit of revenues). All moneys in the subaccount are continuously appropriated to the Department of State Police to carry out the provisions of ORS chapter 463.


The Department of State Police may accept and distribute gifts, grants, donations and funds from any source, including services and property, to carry out the duties of the department. [Formerly 181.175]

Attorney General Opinions

Basis for figuring funds allocated to footpaths and bicycle trails, (1972) Vol 36, p 1


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