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ORS 181A.822
Definitions for ORS 181A

As used in ORS 181A.822 (Definitions for ORS 181A) to 181A.829 (Prohibition on agreements related to immigration enforcement):


“Court facility” means a building or space occupied or used by a court of this state or local jurisdiction of this state, and any adjacent property including, but not limited to, sidewalks, parking area, grass or landscaped area, plazas, court-related offices, commercial and governmental spaces within the building or space and entrances to and exits from the building or space.


“Federal immigration authority” means the United States Department of Homeland Security, the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the United States Customs and Border Protection or a successor agency, any other federal immigration agency or official, or any other entity to which a federal immigration agency delegates or assigns the authority to detect, investigate or enforce violations of immigration law.


“Immigration enforcement” means any activity that has as a purpose the apprehension or identification of an individual in order to:


Subject the individual to civil immigration arrest, civil immigration detention, removal or deportation proceedings or removal or deportation from the United States; or


Criminally prosecute the individual for offenses related to federal laws regarding immigration status.


“Law enforcement agency” means:


County sheriffs, municipal police departments, police departments established by a university under ORS 352.121 (University police departments and officers) or 353.125 (Creation of police department and commission of police officers);


The Oregon State Police; and


Corrections officers.


“Officer” means an individual employed or contracted as an officer of a law enforcement agency whether or not the individual is on duty.


“Public body” has the meaning given that term in ORS 174.109 (“Public body” defined). [2021 c.550 §1]


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