State Police

ORS 181A.385
Appointment of director of department



The Governor shall appoint the Director of the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, who shall hold office at the pleasure of the Governor and not be subject to the State Personnel Relations Law.


The person appointed as director may be selected from candidates recommended to the Governor by the Board on Public Safety Standards and Training. The candidates shall be well qualified by training and experience to perform the functions of the office.


An appointed director of the department shall receive such salary as is provided by law or, if not so provided, as is fixed by the Governor.



The director, with the approval of the Governor and after consulting the board for advice, shall organize and reorganize the department in the manner the director considers necessary to conduct the work of the department properly.


With the approval of the Governor, the director may appoint a deputy director, who shall serve at the pleasure of the director, not be subject to the State Personnel Relations Law and have full authority to act for the director, subject to the control of the director. The appointment of the deputy director shall be by written order, filed with the Secretary of State.


The director, subject to applicable provisions of the State Personnel Relations Law, shall appoint all subordinate officers and employees of the department, prescribe their functions and fix their compensation.


The director or the director’s designee shall serve as executive secretary to the board, but shall not be a member of the board.


The board shall annually evaluate the director’s implementation of policies, standards and minimum requirements for public safety certifications and training, reporting to the Governor the results of the evaluation. [Formerly 181.635]


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