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ORS 181A.725
Oregon Community Crime Prevention Information Center

  • duties

The Oregon Community Crime Prevention Information Center is created within the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training. The center within the limits of available funds shall:


Develop, plan and carry out a comprehensive, long-range, integrated program, implemented by local crime prevention councils, that will mobilize all Oregon residents, including the youth of this state, in a year-round preventive effort to reduce both crime and delinquency;


Provide a mechanism to support, unify, promote, implement and evaluate crime prevention efforts;


Act as a clearinghouse for crime prevention efforts;


Provide a means by which law enforcement and prevention related agencies, civilian personnel and the education community may acquire the resource materials, technical assistance, knowledge and skills necessary to develop, implement and evaluate crime prevention and intervention programs;


Provide ongoing, programmatic support to crime prevention efforts of law enforcement and crime prevention councils, enabling them to develop programs within their jurisdiction or community;


Assist law enforcement agencies and crime prevention councils to increase the awareness of communities, businesses and governments regarding the need for crime prevention while offering information on current and future programming in their communities and in this state;


Increase the availability of resource materials that may be utilized by local crime prevention programs, analyze data, evaluate needs and develop specific crime prevention strategies;


Coordinate the efforts of law enforcement agencies and local crime prevention councils and programs to prevent the victimization of children by criminal acts and to prevent the occurrence of criminal behavior by children and young persons through educational programs; and


Operate as a resource for local governments and upon the request of any local agency shall:


Provide technical assistance and crime prevention programs in the form of on-site visits, resource development and distribution, consultation, community resource identification, utilization, training and promotion of crime prevention programs or activities;


Review master copies of materials and resources, with the concurrence of any Oregon crime prevention association, for the purpose of increasing program efficiency, effectiveness and consistency;


Provide assistance in increasing the knowledge of community, business and governmental leaders concerning the theory and operation of crime prevention and how their involvement will assist in efforts to prevent crime;


Provide resource materials to and assistance in developing the skills of law enforcement personnel, which materials and skills are necessary to create successful crime prevention strategies that meet the needs of specific regions and communities throughout the state;


Act as a liaison between local, state and national agencies concerning crime prevention issues; and


Coordinate efforts with any statewide crime prevention association and receive from the association advice and direction for the operation of the center and related activities. [Formerly 181.755]


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May 30, 2023