State Police

ORS 181A.916
Hiring unlicensed private security entity

  • liability for unpaid wages

Any person who retains the services of an unlicensed private security entity shall:


Be personally and jointly and severally liable to any employee as far as the employee has not been paid wages in full for the services performed or work done for that person.


Be personally liable for all penalty wages that have occurred under ORS 652.150 (Penalty wage for failure to pay wages on termination of employment) for the wages due under this section. [2021 c.618 §11]
Note: 181A.916 (Hiring unlicensed private security entity) becomes operative January 1, 2024. See section 18, chapter 618, Oregon Laws 2021.
Note: See second note under 181A.900 (Procedures for licensing of private security entities).


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