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ORS 181A.913
Required statements to private security professionals

A licensed private security entity shall:


Furnish to each private security professional employed by a private security entity, at the time of hiring, a written statement that includes a description of:


The employee’s rights and remedies under ORS chapters 652, 653, 654, 656 and 659A, the Service Contract Act (41 U.S.C. 351-401) and any other such law specified by the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, in plain and simple language in a form specified by the department; and


The terms and conditions of employment, including the method of computing the rate of compensation.


Furnish to each private security provider employed by the private security entity, each time the provider receives a compensation payment from the entity, a written statement itemizing the total payment and amount and purpose of each deduction from the total payment, hours worked and rate of pay. [2021 c.618 §6]
Note: 181A.913 (Required statements to private security professionals) becomes operative January 1, 2024. See section 18, chapter 618, Oregon Laws 2021.
Note: See second note under 181A.900 (Procedures for licensing of private security entities).


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