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ORS 181A.323
Definitions for ORS 181A

As used in ORS 181A.323 (Definitions for ORS 181A) to 181A.328 (Committee on tracking of sexual assault forensic evidence):


“Anonymous kit” means a sexual assault forensic evidence kit collected from a victim who has not participated with a law enforcement agency in the creation of a report of the sexual assault.


“Law enforcement agency” has the meaning given that term in ORS 133.741 (Law enforcement agency policies and procedures regarding video and audio recordings).


“Medical facility” means a hospital, clinic, urgent care center or any other facility that is authorized to provide sexual assault medical assessments as described in ORS 147.395 (Definitions).


“Sexual assault” means the commission of or the attempted commission of an offense described in ORS 163.355 (Rape in the third degree) to 163.427 (Sexual abuse in the first degree).


“Sexual assault forensic evidence kit” means forensic evidence collected using an evidence collection kit during a sexual assault medical assessment as described in ORS 147.395 (Definitions).


“Victim” means a person from whom a sexual assault forensic evidence kit has been collected. [2016 c.89 §2; 2017 c.361 §1]
Note: See note under 181A.322 (Short title).


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