State Police

ORS 181A.370
Executive committee


An executive committee of the Board on Public Safety Standards and Training is created consisting of the chairperson of the board and the chairpersons of the policy committees created in ORS 181A.375 (Policy committees).


If necessary, the executive committee shall reconcile inconsistencies in policies among the policy committees. The executive committee shall recommend agenda items for meetings of the board and indicate if a board vote is requested on particular agenda items. The executive committee shall meet as necessary to consider legislative concepts, budgets, grants and other matters that arise between regular board meetings.


Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, only those members of the executive committee who are chairpersons of policy committees may vote. A majority of the executive committee constitutes a quorum to transact business. If the chairperson of the executive committee is not a chairperson of a policy committee, the chairperson may vote only in the case of a tie vote of the other members. [Formerly 181.638]


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