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ORS 181A.365
Organization of board

  • meetings
  • policy of state


The Board on Public Safety Standards and Training shall select one of its members as chairperson and another as vice chairperson. The vice chairperson shall act as chairperson when the chairperson is absent or unable to act.


The board may appoint from among its members such subcommittees as it deems necessary or useful.


The board shall prescribe such terms, powers and duties for the chairperson, vice chairperson and any subcommittees of the board as are convenient for the performance of the functions of the board.


The board shall meet at least once every three months at a place and time determined by the board. The board shall also meet at such other times and places as the chairperson shall specify.


It shall be the policy of the state that:


The board and Department of Public Safety Standards and Training exist to develop talented individuals into public safety providers who are:


Culturally competent;


Ethically, physically and emotionally fit; and


Well trained, highly skilled and responsive to the needs of their communities.


The board and department shall promote the safety, efficiency, effectiveness, self-sufficiency and competence of public safety agencies and professionals.


The board and department shall support collaboration among public and private security, law enforcement, fire service, telecommunications and corrections organizations, the related organizations with whom they work and the interests of the communities they serve.


The board and department shall consult with and inform each other fully on matters of public safety standards, training and certification.


The board may adopt or approve all policies, standards and minimum requirements for public safety certifications and training.


The department may administer operations and procedures and shall implement or apply the policies and standards of the board.


The department is and remains a full department of the state.


The department, in consultation with the board, shall evaluate the training delivery systems used in other states, including self-sponsored training, electronic remote learning methods and regional training employing colleges and other organizations. The evaluation shall seek economical and effective methods that may be adapted and used in Oregon and shall be used in the development of the department’s budget and facilities planning.


A member of the board who serves by virtue of office may appoint a designee to represent the member at subcommittee and policy committee meetings. The designee may vote only at subcommittee and policy committee meetings. [Formerly 181.630]


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