State Police

ORS 181A.710
Use of other law enforcement agencies to engage in barred conduct


As used in this section, “law enforcement agency” means the Department of State Police, the Department of Justice, a district attorney, a political subdivision of the State of Oregon, a municipal corporation of the State of Oregon and a university, that maintains a law enforcement unit as defined in ORS 181A.355 (Definitions for ORS 181A) (12)(a)(A).


A law enforcement agency or a person acting on behalf of a law enforcement agency may not:


Use a proxy law enforcement agency to enact measures that a court or statute has barred the law enforcement agency from using.


Act in concert with another law enforcement agency to engage in misconduct barred by a court order or statute.


Intentional violation of this section constitutes official misconduct in the second degree under ORS 162.405 (Official misconduct in the second degree). [2021 c.540 §3]


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