ORS 656.054
Claim of injured worker of noncomplying employer
  • procedure for disputing acceptance of claim
  • recovery of costs from noncomplying employer
  • restrictions


A compensable injury to a subject worker while in the employ of a noncomplying employer is compensable to the same extent as if the employer had complied with this chapter. The Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services shall refer the claim for such an injury to an assigned claims agent within 60 days of the date the director has notice of the claim. At the time of referral of the claim, the director shall notify the employer in writing regarding the referral of the claim and the employer’s right to object to the claim. A claim for compensation made by such a worker shall be processed by the assigned claims agent in the same manner as a claim made by a worker employed by a carrier-insured employer, except that the time within which the first installment of compensation is to be paid, pursuant to ORS

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