Workers’ Compensation

ORS 656.445
Advancement of funds from Workers’ Benefit Fund for compensation due workers insured by insurer in default

  • limitations
  • rules


If an insurer defaults in payment of compensation due an injured worker, the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services may advance funds from the Workers’ Benefit Fund to injured workers who have not received payment of compensation due from the insurer in default.


The maximum expenditures that may be made under this section may not exceed the amount of securities on deposit for the insurer pursuant to ORS 731.628 (Deposit required of workers’ compensation insurers).


The director shall adopt rules to regulate, manage and disburse moneys in the Workers’ Benefit Fund for the purposes of subsection (1) of this section. The rules shall include but not be limited to eligibility criteria, procedures for distributing funds, accounting procedures and a maximum expenditure limitation on payments made under subsection (1) of this section from the fund. [2001 c.974 §6]


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