ORS 656.287
Use of vocational reports in determining loss of earning capacity at hearing; rules


Where there is an issue regarding loss of earning capacity, reports from vocational consultants employed by governmental agencies, insurers or self-insured employers, or from private vocational consultants, regarding job opportunities, the fitness of claimant to perform certain jobs, wage levels, or other information relating to claimant’s employability shall be admitted into evidence at compensation hearings, provided such information is submitted to claimant 10 days prior to hearing and that upon demand from the adverse party the person preparing such report shall be made available for testimony and cross-examination.


The Workers’ Compensation Board shall establish rules to govern the admissibility of reports from vocational experts, including guidelines to establish the competency of vocational experts. [1973 c.581 §§1,2; 1985 c.600 §10]

Notes of Decisions

This section does not mandate exclusion of report received by party less than 10 days before hearing. Peter Kiewit & Sons v. Leigh, 116 Or App 76, 840 P2d 1360 (1992)

Right to introduce evidence at hearing is conditioned by ORS 656.283 requirement that evidence at appeal level be limited to evidence presented at reconsideration. Rogue Valley Medical Center v. McClearen, 152 Or App 239, 952 P2d 1048 (1998), Sup Ct review denied

§§ 656.001 to 656.794

Law Review Citations

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Chapter 656

Notes of Decisions

Party having affirmative of any issue must prove it by preponderance of evidence unless legislature fixes some different quantum of proof. Hutcheson v. Weyerhaeuser Co., 288 Or 51, 602 P2d 268 (1979)

Amendments to existing statutes and enactment of additional statutes by 1995 legislation generally apply to pending cases and to orders still appealable on June 7, 1995, effective date. Volk v. America West Airlines, 135 Or App 565, 899 P2d 746 (1995), Sup Ct review denied

Amendments to existing statutes and enactment of additional statutes by 1995 legislation do not extend or shorten procedural time limitations with regard to actions taken prior to June 7, 1995, effective date. Motel 6 v. McMasters, 135 Or App 583, 899 P2d 1212 (1995)

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Benefit unavailability for inmates engaged in prison work programs, (1996) Vol 48, p 134

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