Workers’ Compensation

ORS 656.403
Obligations of self-insured employer


A self-insured employer directly assumes the responsibility for providing compensation due subject workers and their beneficiaries under this chapter.


The claims of subject workers and their beneficiaries resulting from injuries while employed by a self-insured employer shall be handled in the manner provided by this chapter. A self-insured employer is subject to the rules of the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services with respect to such claims.


Security deposited by a self-insured employer shall not relieve any such employer from full and primary responsibility for claims administration and payment of compensation under this chapter. This subsection applies to a self-insured employer even though the self-insured employer insures or reinsures all or any portion of risks under this chapter with an insurance company authorized to do business in this state or with any other insurer with whom insurance can be placed or secured pursuant to ORS 744.305 to 744.405 (1985 Replacement Part).


When a self-insured employer is a worker leasing company required to be licensed pursuant to ORS 656.850 (License) and 656.855 (Licensing system for worker leasing companies), the company also shall comply with the worker leasing company regulatory provisions of ORS chapters 656 and 737 and with such rules as may be adopted pursuant to ORS 656.726 (Duties and powers to carry out workers’ compensation and occupational safety laws) and 731.244 (Rules) for the supervision and regulation of worker leasing companies. [1975 c.556 §26 (enacted in lieu of 656.401); 1981 c.854 §26; 1993 c.628 §7]

See also annotations under ORS 656.401 in permanent edition.

COMPLETED CITATIONS: Cutright v. Am. Ship Dismantler, 6 Or App 62, 486 P2d 591 (1971)


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