ORS 656.708
Hearings Division; duties

The Hearings Division is continued within the Workers’ Compensation Board. The division has the responsibility for providing an impartial forum for deciding all cases, disputes and controversies arising under ORS 654.001 (Short title) to 654.295 (Application of Oregon Safe Employment Act), 654.412 (Definitions for ORS 654.412 to 654.423) to 654.423 (Use of physical force by health care employee in self-defense against assault) and 654.750 (Definitions for ORS 654.750 to 654.780) to 654.780 (Providing basic information to employees), all cases, disputes and controversies regarding matters concerning a claim under this chapter, and for conducting such other hearings and proceedings as may be prescribed by law. [1977 c.804 §25; 1979 c.839 §17; 1987 c.373 §39]

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