Workers’ Compensation

ORS 656.434
Certification effective until canceled or revoked

  • revocation of certificate


A certification issued under ORS 656.430 (Certification of self-insured employer) remains in effect until:


Revoked by the Director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services as provided by this section and ORS 656.440 (Notice of certificate revocation); or


Canceled by the employer with the approval of the director.


The director may revoke the certification of a self-insured employer if:


The employer fails to comply with ORS 656.407 (Qualifications of insured employers) or 656.430 (Certification of self-insured employer) or is in default as described in ORS 656.443 (Procedure upon default by employer or self-insured employer group); or


The employer commits any violation for which a civil penalty could be assessed under ORS 656.745 (Civil penalty for inducing failure to report claims).


When the certification of a self-insured employer is revoked, or when an employer terminates in a self-insured employer group, that employer must immediately comply with ORS 656.017 (Employer required to pay compensation and perform other duties) (1). If the employer fails to so comply, notwithstanding ORS 656.052 (Prohibition against employment without coverage) (3), the director immediately may file suit in the circuit court of the county in which the employer resides or employs workers. Upon filing of such a suit, the court shall set a date for hearing and shall cause notice thereof to be served on the employer. The hearing shall be not less than five nor more than 15 days from the date of service of the notice. Upon commencement of the suit, the circuit court shall enjoin the employer from further employing workers until the employer complies with ORS 656.017 (Employer required to pay compensation and perform other duties) (1). [1975 c.556 §34; 1979 c.845 §2; 1981 c.535 §39; 2014 c.48 §5]


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