Unlawful Discrimination in Employment, Public Accommodations and Real Property Transactions

ORS 659A.009
Declaration of policy against discrimination in employment because of age

It is declared to be the public policy of Oregon that the available workforce should be utilized to the fullest extent possible. To this end, the abilities of an individual, and not any arbitrary standards that discriminate against an individual solely because of age, should be the measure of the individual’s fitness and qualification for employment. [Formerly 659.015; 2005 c.22 §468]

Notes of Decisions

Evidence that employer would not consider qualifications of applicant for beauty shop position because she was “too young” for elderly clientele was sufficient to support Labor Commissioner’s conclusion that employer discriminated against her “solely because of” her age, and thus committed unlawful employment practice. Ogden v. Bureau of Labor, 299 Or 98, 699 P2d 189 (1985)


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