Rule Rule 581-015-2005
Criteria for Approving School District Special Education Programs


School districts operating or initiating special education programs must have their programs approved by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction in order to qualify such programs for state reimbursement. As part of this process, districts must subscribe to the following:


In accordance with OAR 581-015-2245 (Alternative Placements and Supplementary Aids and Services), school districts must ensure that a continuum of alternative placements is available to meet the individual special education and related services needs of all children with disabilities for whom the district is responsible pursuant to ORS 339, OAR 581-021-0019 (Interdistrict Transfer Agreement), or open enrollment under section 9, chapter 718, Oregon Laws 2011. For all school purposes residency for children with disabilities enrolled in charter schools is determined in accordance with ORS Chapter 338 (Public Charter Schools).


Special education must be established and conducted as an integral part of the district’s regular school program.


Children who require special education have the same rights and privileges provided to other students.


In addition, the school district must have on file with the Oregon Department of Education a set of assurances and other documentation as required that ensure district compliance with requirements set forth in Oregon Revised Statutes and Oregon Administrative Rules for the education of children with disabilities.
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