Rule Rule 581-015-2405
Disciplinary Removals for Up to 10 School Days for Children with Disabilities


School districts may remove a child with a disability who violates a code of student conduct from the child’s current educational placement to an appropriate interim alternative educational setting, another setting, or suspension, for up to ten school days in a school year to the same extent, and with the same notice, as for children without disabilities. These removals are not considered a change in placement.


During disciplinary removals described in section (1) of this rule:


School districts are not required to provide access to special education and the general curriculum unless students without disabilities are provided access during this time.


School districts are not required to determine whether the child’s behavior resulting in disciplinary removal is a manifestation of the child’s disability.


For the purpose of counting days of suspensions under OAR 581-015-2405 (Disciplinary Removals for Up to 10 School Days for Children with Disabilities) through 581-015-2445 (Expedited Due Process Hearings):


Suspensions of a half day or less are counted as a half day; and


Suspensions of more than a half-day are counted as a whole day.


For the purposes of determining “current educational placement” in subsection (1) of this rule:


Children who received special education services in another state and are found eligible for special education in Oregon are treated as initially placed in special education in Oregon, and any days of suspension accrued in the former state are not counted toward the ten days.


For children who move from one school district to another school district in Oregon, any days of suspension from the former district carry over to the new school district unless the school district does not have actual knowledge of the previous suspensions.
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