Rule Rule 581-015-2250
Placement of the Child

School districts must ensure that:


The educational placement of a child with a disability:


Is determined by a group of persons, including the parents, and other persons knowledgeable about the child, the meaning of the evaluation data, and the placement options;


Is made in conformity with the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) provisions of OAR 581-015-2240 (Requirement for Least Restrictive Environment) to 581-015-2255 (Nonacademic Settings).


Is based on the child’s current IEP;


Is determined at least once every 365 days; and


Is as close as possible to the child’s home;


The alternative placements under OAR 581-015-2245 (Alternative Placements and Supplementary Aids and Services) are available to the extent necessary to implement the IEP for each child with a disability;


Unless the child’s IEP requires some other arrangement, the child is educated in the school that he or she would attend if not disabled;


In selecting the least restrictive environment, consideration is given to any potential harmful effect on the child or on the quality of services which he or she needs; and


A child with a disability is not removed from education in age-appropriate regular classrooms solely because of needed modifications in the general curriculum.
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