Rule Rule 581-015-2565
Regional Program Services


Pursuant to ORS 338, ORS 339, OAR 581-021-0019 (Interdistrict Transfer Agreement), and open enrollment under section 9, chapter 718, Oregon Laws 2011, the resident school district has the primary responsibility for the education of an eligible school age child, and is responsible for all costs beyond the fiscal capacity of the regional program that result from the full implementation of the child’s IEP.


The Department, through its contractors and subcontractors, has the primary responsibility for early intervention and early childhood special education services for eligible children from birth until eligible for kindergarten, and is responsible for all costs beyond the fiscal capacity of the regional program which result from full implementation of the child’s IFSP.


Eligible children may receive one or more of the following regional services based upon the child’s needs according to the IEP or IFSP and available resources of the regional program and agreement of the resident school district or EI/ECSE contractor:


Direct services to the child as determined in the IEP/IFSP by an itinerant specialist up to full-time instruction in a self-contained classroom operated by the regional program;


Consultation to providers of the child’s educational or early intervention/early childhood special education program and/or the parents;


Participation in developing the student’s IEP or IFSP;


Recommendations for classroom activities, materials, equipment, adaptations and modifications to instruction, and/or assessment;


Evaluation and interpretation of assessment information;


Audiological management;


Inservice for staff and parents; and


Provision of certain related services.


Teachers and therapists employed by the regional program to serve eligible children must hold the appropriate special education or appropriate state licensure.


Regional programs must be in compliance with all applicable statutes and administrative rules pertaining to the education of children with disabilities.
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