Rule Rule 581-015-2215
Oregon Standard IEP


Each school district must use the Oregon Standard IEP form in the development, review and revision of all IEPs, unless an alternate form is approved under subsection (4).


A school district may use an alternate form in the development, review and revision of IEPs if the Department approves the alternate form.


Criteria for approval. The criteria for approval of alternate forms includes, but is not limited to:


Whether the alternate form meets the requirements for the contents of an IEP under OARs 581-015-2200 (Content of IEP), 581-015-2205 (IEP Team Considerations and Special Factors), 581-015-2330 (Notice of Transfer of Rights at Majority), and 581-015-2065 (Extended School Year Services); and


Whether use of the alternate form will reduce unnecessary or confusing paperwork.


Approval process.


Within 10 days of the established date of submission of the alternate form for approval, the Department will decide:


Whether the alternate form is approved or disapproved; and


Any conditions that apply to the use of the alternate form.


A school district may ask for a reconsideration of the decision within 30 days of receiving the Department’s decision in subsection (3). The Department will issue a written response to the district of the reconsideration within 30 days of receiving the request.


If a school district changes or modifies the approved alternate form, the district must submit the form for approval before its use.


The decisions of the Department under this rule are final.
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