Rule Rule 581-015-2460
Services Plan


If a child with a disability is enrolled by a parent in private school and will receive special education or related services from a public agency, the public agency must:


Initiate and conduct meetings to develop, review and revise a services plan for the child in accordance with subsection (3); and


Ensure that a representative of the child’s private school attends each meeting. If the representative cannot attend, the public agency must use other methods to ensure participation by the private school, including individual or conference telephone calls.


The services plan must describe the specific special education and related services that the public agency will provide to the child in light of the services that the public agency has determined, through the consultation process described in OAR 581-015-2480 (Consultation with Representatives of Private School Children with Disabilities), it will make available to private school children with disabilities.


The services plan must, to the extent appropriate:


Meet the requirements of OAR 581-015-2200 (Content of IEP) with respect to the services provided; and


Be developed reviewed and revised consistent with OARs 581-015-2190 (Parent Participation – General) through 581-015-2210 (IEP Team) and 581-015-2220 (When IEPs Must Be In Effect)(2) and (3).




Public agencies are not required to provide transportation from the child’s home to the private school.


If necessary for the child to benefit from or participate in the services provided by the public agency, the public agency must provide transportation to the child:


From the child’s school or the child’s home to a site other than the private school; and


From the service site to the private school, or to the child’s home, depending on the timing of the services.
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