Rule Rule 581-015-2574
Resident District Obligations for Students in Long-Term Care and Treatment (LTCT) Education Programs


The resident district must provide or pay for the daily transportation to and from a Psychiatric Day Treatment Program in which a student placed by a public entity, private entity or by the student’s parent is enrolled as follows:


The resident district may directly transport or contract for transportation services with the agency, an adjacent school district, an education service district or a private carrier as long as the subcontractor is operating under the provision of ORS 801.455 (“School activity vehicle”), 801.460 (“School bus”), and 820.100 (Adoption of safety standards for construction and equipment of school vehicles) through 820.150 (Rules and standards for exemption of certain vehicles from Oregon Vehicle Code), or is exempt from these regulations by operating under the Public Utility Commission, ORS Chapter 767 ((Former Provisions)), or city regulations included in ORS Chapter 221 (Organization and Government of Cities).


Subject to agreement with the parent or guardian, the resident district may reimburse a parent or guardian for the transportation of a child at the per mile rate established by that district.


Transportation must be provided by the resident district each day the student is scheduled to receive services from the eligible day treatment program.


The resident district may claim reimbursement OAR 581-023-0040 (Approved Transportation Costs for Payments from the State School Fund) for transportation costs incurred while transporting the student only when the student receives education services at the eligible day treatment program.


The resident district must participate in all individualized education program or personalized education plan meetings involving its students.
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