Rule Rule 581-015-2710
Selection of Contractor


The Department selects a contractor to provide administration and coordination of EI and ECSE in the selected service area.


The contractor will be selected using criteria developed by the Department which include:


Geographic location;


Previous experience in the administration of special education, early intervention, or related programs; and


Expressed willingness to administer the EI and ECSE program in their area in compliance with the applicable state and federal requirements.


The contractor will administer the EI and ECSE programs under a contract from the Department. The contract for administration will include requirements for the following:


Staffing expectations for the administration of the area program;


Necessary reports to the Department;


Development of an area service plan;


Fiscal responsibility for the administration of contractor funds and the distribution of funds to subcontractors;


Selection and monitoring of subcontractors including the designated referral and evaluation agency;


Coordination of technical assistance to EI and ECSE programs in the contractor’s service area;


Assurances that written agreements exist between agencies to assure interagency coordination in each county of the designated service area;


Assurances that a continuum of alternative placements is available to meet the needs of preschool children with disabilities enrolled in ECSE;


Criteria for supervision of services provided by the contractor when no local subcontractor is available or appropriate; and


Such other requirements as are determined necessary by the Department to assure the provision of EI and ECSE services as authorized by ORS 343.465 (Policy on services to preschool children with disabilities) to 343.534 (Allocation of state funds to approved providers).


The contract will include timelines, criteria, and procedures to be used by the Department for withholding funds or terminating the contract for failure to comply with contract requirements.
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