Rule Rule 581-015-2840
Service Coordination


For a child under age three, the contractor or subcontractor must:


Provide active ongoing service coordination as an EI service; and


Appoint a service coordinator as soon as possible when a referral is received.


For a child age three and older, contractors and subcontractors may provide service coordination as an ECSE service.


The service coordinator must:


Coordinate all services across agency lines by serving as a single point of contact in helping parents obtain the services and assistance they need;


Assist and enable parents of eligible children in gaining access to required EI services and other services identified in the IFSP;


Facilitate the timely delivery of available services and conduct follow- up activities to determine that appropriate services are provided;


Continuously seek the appropriate services in situations necessary to benefit the development of each child being served for the duration of the child’s eligibility;


Coordinate the performance of evaluation and assessments;


Facilitate and participate in the development, review, and evaluation of IFSPs;


Assist families in identifying available service providers;


Coordinate and monitor the delivery of available services and other services that are identified in the IFSP to the child or family, including making appointments and referrals to providers for needed services;


Inform families of their rights, their procedural safeguards, and the availability of advocacy services;


Coordinate with medical and health providers;


Facilitate the development of a transition plan to preschool, ECSE services, or other early childhood service, if appropriate; and


Coordinate the funding sources for services required under this part.
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Aug. 15, 2020