Rule Rule 581-015-2585
Youth (Juvenile) Corrections Education and Juvenile Detention Education Programs




“Youth Corrections Education Program” means the provision of educational services to youths in youth correction facilities of the Oregon Youth Authority, and includes secure regional youth facilities, regional accountability camps, residential academies and satellites, camps and branches of those facilities.


“Juvenile Detention Education Program” means the provision of educational services to youths lodged overnight who receive educational services on consecutive days within a detention facility.


Youth Corrections Education Program: The following administrative rules apply to education programs for youth housed in Oregon Youth Authority youth correctional facilities:


Special Education Rules, OAR 581-015-2000 (Definitions) through 581-015-2070 (Nonacademic Services), 581-015-2080 (Child Find) through 581-015-2255 (Nonacademic Settings), 581-015-2300 (Access to Student Education Records) through 581-015-2445 (Expedited Due Process Hearings), 581-015-0607 through 581-015-2565 (Regional Program Services), and 581-015-2585 (Youth (Juvenile) Corrections Education and Juvenile Detention Education Programs) through 581-015-2590 (Required Days of Instruction).


School Improvement and Professional Development Rules, OARs 581-020-0005 (Pertaining to School Improvement and Professional Development) through 581-020-0200 (School Facility Improvement Grants);


School Governance and Student Conduct, OARs 581-021-0037 (Administration of Medication) through 581-021-0440;


Standards for Public Elementary and Secondary Schools, OARs 581-022-0102 (Definitions) through 581-022-0413, 581-022-0606, 581-022-0610, 581-022-0705, 581-022-1020 through 581-022-1210, 581-022-1310 through 581-022-1340, 581-022-1420, 581-022-1440, 581-022-1520, 581-022-1610 through 581-022-1670, 581-022-1710 through 581-022-1730;


Funds to State and Local Agencies to Provide Employment and Training Services Under the Workforce Investment Act (formerly the Job Training Partnership Act (JPTA), OARs 581-060-0010 through 581-060-0020;


Teacher Standards and Practices Commission Rules.


Juvenile Detention Education Program: All rules applicable to education programs for OYA youth correction facilities, as set out in sections (1) of this rule, apply to educational programs for juvenile detention facilities.


Students may not be suspended or expelled from juvenile detention education programs.


Juvenile directors and the school district or education service district responsible for the education of students in a juvenile detention education program under contract with the Department will sign a letter of agreement establishing each agency’s areas of responsibility and duties.


Notwithstanding OAR 581-015-2190 (Parent Participation – General)(6)(b), the school district or ESD responsible for the special education of students in a juvenile detention program or juvenile corrections program is not required to provide notice of meetings to the parent after rights transfer to the student pursuant to OAR 581-015-2325 (Transfer of Procedural Rights at Age of Majority).
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