Rule Rule 581-015-2375
Decision of Administrative Law Judge


The decision of the hearing officer in a contested case will comply with ORS 343.167 (Result of hearing).


The decision will be entered and mailed to the parties not later than 45 days after the expiration of the resolution period under OAR 581-015-2375 (Decision of Administrative Law Judge) unless a specific extension has been granted by the administrative law judge at the request of a party.


A copy of the hearing decision will be sent to the parent and school district accompanied by a statement describing the method of appealing the decision.


The Department will submit a copy of the findings and hearing decision to the State Advisory Council for Special Education or a subcommittee of the Council, and make the findings and decisions available to the public, in such a manner so that personally identifiable information will not be disclosed.
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Jul. 4, 2020