Rule Rule 581-015-2190
Parent Participation – General


School districts must provide one or both parents with an opportunity to participate in meetings with respect to the identification, evaluation, IEP and educational placement of the child, and the provision of a free appropriate public education to the child.


Meeting Notice:


School districts must provide parents with a written notice of the meeting sufficiently in advance to ensure that one or both parents will have an opportunity to attend.


The written notice must:


State the purpose, time and place of the meeting and who will attend;


Inform the parent that they may invite other individuals whom they believe have knowledge or special expertise regarding the child;


Inform the parent that the team may proceed with the meeting even if the parent is not in attendance; and


Inform the parent of whom to contact before the meeting to provide information if they are unable to attend.


The school district must take whatever action is necessary to ensure that the parent understands the proceedings at a meeting, including arranging for an interpreter for parents who are deaf or whose native language is other than English.


A meeting does not include informal or unscheduled conversations involving school district personnel and conversations on issues such as teaching methodology, lesson plans, or coordination of service provision if those issues are not addressed in the child’s IEP. A meeting also does not include preparatory activities that public agency personnel engage in to develop a proposal or response to a parent proposal that will be discussed at a later meeting.


Conducting a meeting without a parent in attendance: A meeting may be conducted without a parent in attendance if the school district has given the parent notice under subsection (2), or, for IEP or placement meetings, in accordance with OAR 581-015-2195 (Additional Parent Participation Requirements for IEP and Placement Meetings).


Transfer of rights:


The right to parent participation transfers to an adult student under OAR 581-015-2325 (Transfer of Procedural Rights at Age of Majority).


After the transfer of rights to an adult student under OAR 581-015-2325 (Transfer of Procedural Rights at Age of Majority), the school district must provide written notice of meetings to the adult student and parent, if the parent can be reasonably located. A parent receiving notice of a meeting under this subsection is not entitled to attend the meeting unless invited by the adult student or by the school district.
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