Rule Rule 581-015-2225
Review and Revision of IEPs


Annual review: Each school district must ensure that the IEP Team reviews the child’s IEP periodically, but at least once every 365 days, to:


Determine whether the annual goals for the child are being achieved; and


Revise the IEP, as appropriate, to address:


Any lack of expected progress toward the annual goals described in OAR 581-015-2200 (Content of IEP) and in the general education curriculum, if appropriate;


The results of any reevaluation conducted under OAR 581-015-2105 (Evaluation and Reevaluation Requirements);


Information about the child provided to, or by, the parents;


The child’s anticipated needs; or


Other matters.


Agreement to amend or modify IEP


In making changes to a child’s IEP between annual IEP Team meetings, the parent of a child with a disability and the school district may agree not to hold an IEP Team meeting to make these changes, and instead may develop a written document to amend or modify the child’s current IEP.


If changes are made to the child’s IEP in accordance with subsection (1), the district must ensure that the child’s IEP team is informed of these changes.


Amendments to IEP


Changes to the IEP may be made either by the entire IEP team at an IEP team meeting, or as provided in subsection (2) by amending the IEP rather than by redrafting the entire IEP.


Upon request, the parent must be provided with a revised copy of the IEP with the amendments incorporated.
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