Rule Rule 581-015-2400

For the purposes of OAR 581-015-2400 (Definitions) through 581-015-2445 (Expedited Due Process Hearings), the following definitions apply:


“Behavioral intervention plan” means an individualized plan, including positive interventions, designed to assist a student to decrease inappropriate behavior and increase or teach an alternative appropriate behavior.


“Current educational placement” means the type of educational placement of the child as described in the child’s “annual determination of placement” document at the time of the disciplinary removal. It does not mean the specific location or school but the type of placement on the continuum of placement options (e.g. regular classroom with support; regular classroom with resource room support; special class; special school; home instruction, etc.).


“Disciplinary removal” means suspension, expulsion, or other removal from school for disciplinary reasons, including removals for mental health examinations for students who threaten violence or harm in public schools under ORS 339.250 (Duty of student to comply with rules)(4)(b)(C). It does not include:


Removals by other agencies;


Removals for public health reasons (e.g. head lice, immunizations, communicable diseases, etc.);


In-school suspensions if the child continues to have access to the general curriculum and to special education and related services as described in the child’s IEP, and continues to participate with children without disabilities to the extent they would in their current placement; or


Bus suspensions, unless the student’s IEP includes transportation as a related service, the district makes no alternative transportation arrangements for the student, and the student does not attend school as a result of the bus suspension.


“Functional behavioral assessment” means an individualized assessment of the student that results in a hypothesis about the function of a student’s behavior and, as appropriate, recommendations for a behavior intervention plan.


“Suspension” means any disciplinary removal other than expulsion.
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