Rule Rule 581-015-2450

For the purposes of OAR 581-015-2450 (Definitions) through 581-015-2515 (Reimbursement for Private Placement), the following definitions apply:


“Enrolled in a public school or ECSE program” means enrolled in, attending, and, for children ages 7 to 18, not exempt from compulsory school attendance as a private school student.


“IDEA funds” means federal funds allocated to the public agency under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.


“Private school child with a disability” means a child with a disability or preschool child with a disability aged 3 to school-age who has been enrolled by a parent in a private school or facility, and who, if aged 7 to 18, is exempt from compulsory school attendance under ORS 339.115 (Admission of students).


This term includes school-age children who are exempt from compulsory school attendance under ORS 339.115 (Admission of students), even if a school district permits the student to attend one or more classes pursuant to a district policy permitting partial enrollment.


This term does not include:


Children three years of age until the age of eligibility for public school who can be provided a free appropriate public education in a private preschool or child care setting selected and paid for by their parents; or


Children who are exempt from compulsory school attendance under ORS 339.115 (Admission of students) as a home schooled student; or


Children who are not of compulsory school attendance age who have rejected public agency services but who are not attending a private school; or


Children who are placed in a private school by the public agency.


“Private school” means a private elementary or secondary school or facility, including a private religious school. A preschool is considered a private school under this provision only if it is part of a private elementary or secondary school.


“Public agency” means:


For school-aged children, the school district where the private elementary or secondary school is located; and


For children aged 3 up to school-age, the EI/ECSE contractor where the private elementary school or secondary school is located.


“Services plan” means a written statement that describes the special education and related services the school district will provide to a parentally-placed private school child with a disability who has been designated to receive services, including the location of services and any transportation necessary, consistent with OAR 581-015-2460 (Services Plan). Unlike an IEP or IFSP, a service plan does not need to provide a free appropriate public education.
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