Rule Rule 581-015-2730
Parent Consent for EI


The public agency must obtain written parental consent before conducting a screening, an initial evaluation or reevaluation.


Written parental consent must also be obtained before the provision of EI services described in the IFSP. The parents of a child eligible for EI services must determine whether they, their child, or other family members will accept or decline any EI services, and may decline such a service after first accepting it, without jeopardizing other EI services. If the parents do not provide consent for a particular EI service or withdraw consent after first providing it, that service will not be provided. The EI services for which parental consent is obtained will be provided.


If consent is not given, the public agency must make reasonable efforts to ensure that the parent:


Is fully aware of the nature of the evaluation and assessment or the services that would be available; and


Understands that the child will not receive the evaluation and assessment or services unless consent is given.
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Jul. 4, 2020