Rule Rule 581-015-2510
Property, Equipment, and Supplies


A public agency must keep title to and exercise continuing administrative control of all property, equipment and supplies that the public agency acquires with IDEA funds for the benefit of private school children with disabilities.


The public agency may place equipment and supplies in a private school for a period of time needed to implement the services plan of a private school child with disabilities or for child find purposes.


The public agency must ensure that the equipment and supplies placed in a private school:


Are used only for the purposes identified in section (2); and


Can be removed from the private school without remodeling the private school facility.


The public agency must remove equipment and supplies from a private school if:


The equipment and supplies are no longer needed for the purposes identified in section (2); or


Removal is necessary to avoid unauthorized use of the equipment and supplies.


IDEA funds must not be used for repairs, minor remodeling, or construction of private school facilities.
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