Rule Rule 581-015-2830
Implementation of the IFSP


An IFSP must:


Be written before EI services or ECSE and related services are provided to the child;


Begin as soon as possible following the meeting; and


Be provided year round for children receiving EI services, unless agreed to otherwise by the parents; or


Be in effect by the child’s third birthday and at the beginning of the school year for children receiving ECSE services.


If a child’s third birthday occurs during the summer, the child’s IFSP team must determine when services begin under the IFSP.


Contractors and subcontractors must:


Ensure that the IFSP is available as soon as possible and at no cost to the parents. They must also ensure copies of the IFSP are available to each regular preschool teacher, EI/ECSE specialist, related service provider and other service provider who is responsible for its implementation; and


Inform each teacher and provider described in (2)(a) of his or her specific responsibilities for implementing the child’s IFSP and the specific accommodations, modifications and supports that must be provided for on behalf of the child in accordance with the IFSP.


Contractors or subcontractors must provide EI or ECSE and related services to a child with a disability in accordance with an IFSP.


Nothing in this rule limits a parent’s right to ask for revisions of their child’s IFSP or to invoke due process procedures.
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