Rule Rule 581-015-2365
Criteria for Administrative Law Judge


An administrative law judge appointed to conduct a hearing regarding the identification, evaluation, educational placement of a child, or the provision of a free appropriate public education to a child who may have a disability must:


Not be employed by the Department or a school district; and


Not have a professional or personal interest that would conflict with the person’s objectivity in the hearing.


An administrative law judge must:


Possess knowledge of, and the ability to understand, the provisions of state and federal special education laws, regulations, and legal interpretations by federal and state courts;


Possess the knowledge and ability to conduct hearings in accordance with appropriate, standard legal practice; and


Possess the knowledge and ability to render and write decisions in accordance with standard legal practice.


For purposes of section (1)(a) of this rule, a person who otherwise qualifies to conduct a hearing is not an employee of the Department or school district solely because the person is paid by the Department or school district to serve as a hearings officer.


The Department keeps a list of the persons serving as administrative law judges, which includes a statement of the qualifications of each person.
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Jul. 4, 2020